restoring our nation’s founding principles

  • fiscal responsibility
  • free enterprise
  • constitutionally limited government
  • individual accountability

The New Kent County Republican Committee (NKCRC) is comprised of county residents who share the conservative beliefs of fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, Constitutionally limited government, and individual accountability. Our mission is to elect Republicans who subscribe to the conservative principles upon which our nation was founded. We welcome all registered voters who subscribe to the tenets of the party, and agree to support our Republican candidates. All who join the party become part of the NKCRC, and enjoy full voting privileges.

NEW KENT REPUBLICANS Executive Committee

Mark Daniel  Chair
Ken Gilman  Vice Chair – Fundraising
JB Benson  Vice Chair – Membership
Larry Reynolds Treasurer
Fran Kennedy  Recording Secretary
Tom Miller  Communications Secretary

Virginia GOP logo



Rob Wittman
U. S Congressman
1st Congressional District

VA Senator Tommy Norment

Tommy Norment
State Senator
3rd District

Scott Wyatt, Virginia Delegate

Scott Wyatt
State Delegate
97th District


Charles Evelyn
New Kent County

Delegate Laura Ecimovic

Laura Ecimovic
Commissioner of Revenue
New Kent County

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